This Critical Gear Page Is Dedicated To Those Who Thirst For Exploration

Food, water and shelter, no matter WHERE you go, you will always need these items. If your staying at
a 5 star hotel your covered. Even a no star motel you’ll get at least two of the required items.

But what about the middle of the Outback? What about if your car slides off the road on the way to Grandma’s
house? And you are 200 miles from nowhere in the middle of the night in a snow storm?

If you take way nothing else from this site, take note here! This page may one day save your life!

As an avid outdoorsman, and a veteran U.S. Marine, I have put together my pack you see above, and
no matter where I go on ANY continent, I have the tools to give myself the best chance to survive.

I have created for you, the perfect survival pack list, so do yourself and your loved ones a favor,
get the stuff you see below and put them in a CamelBak® Hydration pack. You may one day thank me….

Team Communications…. If your family is lost out in the woods, you
could spend valuble hours looking for them, or just find them instantly
and avoid all that drama…
This IS the best com/gps package you can NOT afford to go with out!


Other Useful Items….

As a Vet Marine, I just love this next item, we as Marines love them and they were
part of our “authorized” clothing, in fact, one of the only pieces of gear we
could wear with our “civies” was the “Woolly Pully® Sweater.

Designed and manufactured in Jolly ole’ England, they saw constant use from
aircraft bomber crews, as an “lighter” option to the leather “Bomber” Jacket.

No piece of equipment will keep you as toasty, or has more heritage than these
sweaters do….If you see me out in the field, and it’s COLD, you see this piece
of gear in action!